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Tessellation Bandanas


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Bandanas are finally here!  Use them for hankies, rags, doggie decor, wall art, looking super fly while committing crimes and concealing your identity, general accessory purposes, magical table cloth, nap sack, head band - so practical, and so fashionable!!  Usher in the new era of cosmic cowboys with a color of your choosing for only $10, or get all three colors for a very reasonable $25!

The design was created using almost only squares - the most repeated shape, the 8 pointed star, is created from two intersecting squares, with one positioned on its base and one on its tip.  The larger, more complex stars are created by doubling 8 into 16 points, and the center-most star is doubled again to 32 points.  This design is a different take on one of the most celebrated and widespread tessellations in Islamic geometry, known as "Breath of the Compassionate"

22 x 22" bandanas, available in white on black, white on navy, and black on red.  Hand printed by me, with 100% no feel waterbased / discharge inks on 100% cotton.  Photographed by Jen Rachid -