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Ufomammut Poster


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18 x 24 inches 3 color screen print on black paper.  Regular edition of 130 (green), variant edition of 40 (red), the band got 35% of the posters and I kept the remaining 65%.  This poster was made as a part of the Secret Serpents / Ufomammut concert poster series.

Ufomammut is a completely unique act, which blends crushing doom, spaced out psychedelia, blunt force and careful nuance.  They are from Italy, and have been progressing their sound for 15 years now.  I was fortunate enough to get the opportunity to create a poster for their first US tour, and put every trick up my sleeve into the project.  Their sound is a solid balance of primitive / alien, ancient / futuristic, and I wanted to emphasize that by recreating a classic piece of architecture, being "activated" by some mysterious energy...